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Translation Client Reviews

A selection of client testimonials written by corporate clients describing their experience with Translator UK.

Translation Client Reviews

Gulfsands Petroleum Plc - Translator UK Client
Gulfsands Petroleum Plc

We recently needed to source a new Translator service and selected Translator UK to be our preferred supplier. After only a couple of months, they have proved to be efficient, reliable and cost effective.

The staff are extremely approachable and accommodating and have pulled out all the stops to translate urgent documents for us in a very short space of time.

As an Office Manager, it’s vital to have exceptional suppliers to call on and I have no hesitation in recommending Translator UK’s services.

Zoë Shaw - Office Manager

InterFloor - Translator UK Client

We have had excellent service from Translator UK, translating web content and technical documents across a number of languages, and would definitely recommend their services.

Bob France - Marketing

Workplace Options - Translator UK Client
Workplace Options

I just have to say , without Aine, I guess I cannot breathe. She has been so wonderful to me. Not a day, I know of, where she said NO to me. She has been amazing in this crazy journey of mine. She is such an asset to all of us.

My first Interaction with Anna as I call her was on 26th of May if I recall or may be even earlier than that and till date , until this moment, I don’t remember a day, she telling a NO to me. If I need a slide in 5hrs, she makes sure she gets me. Very down to earth and a wonderful human being. I have been recommending my whole office about Translator UK.

You guys on the whole are amazing and I have no complaints about your translation services at all. If any , I will surely notify you.

Rao, Vijayalakshmi - Global Products Administrator

University of Luxembourg - Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance - Translator UK Client
University of Luxembourg - Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance

This is to certify that Translator UK has translated for the University of Luxembourg several papers from French, German or English to French or English. We were highly satisfied with the quality of work provided as well as with the timely delivery. We would recommend the services of Translator UK to any other client.

Nadja Risch - Secrétariat Unité de Recherche en Droit

Sleep-Safe Products - Translator UK Client
Sleep-Safe Products

When we started supplying our product to France we needed good translations for both French private customers and healthcare professionals. Translator UK has met our needs in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner, and is an easy company with which to work. We can recommend Translator UK highly.

Don Alderton - Founder

Brett Nicholls Associates - Translator UK Client
Brett Nicholls Associates

I was really pleased with your service last week, working to a tight deadline and with an additional document to translate at the last minute.

I was really impressed and delighted to be able to satisfy my client on time.

David Nicholls - Co-Founder

Prime Networks Ltd - Translator UK Client
Prime Networks Ltd

We have used Translator UK and many other translation agencies in London before so we can be confident in saying their translation services are second to none in the UK and beyond.

Furthermore I have referred Translator UK to many of my associates over the years and they have never let them down either, always raving about the quality and speed of their translation services.

Ben Weinberg - Technical Director

Have you Seen my Rights? - Translator UK Client
Have you Seen my Rights?

Have You Seen My Rights is delighted by the speed and quality of the translations provided by Translator UK. The service was impeccable and I would use them again without hesitation. Thank you!

Molly Brech - Campaign Manager

Cyber Creative Ltd - Translator UK Client
Cyber Creative Ltd

Translator UK has been a valuable resource for Cyber Creative throughout the past decade. As an international web-development company, we rely on translation expertise on a regular basis. Of all the translation agencies we have used, Translator UK is ahead of the pack.

David Bellows - Technical Director SL - Translator UK Client SL

I have always found Translator UK super responsive, and efficient with regard to translations whether it be Spanish or Chinese. Pleasure to work with you.

Chris Chaplow - Managing Director

MGF Excavation Safety Solutions - Translator UK Client
MGF Excavation Safety Solutions

Translator UK provided us with a simple, fast service and some excellent Polish translations for an international trade show. They were flexible, cost effective and easy to deal with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.

James Thomson - Marketing Officer