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Maltese Legal Translations

Information about legal translations from or into Maltese provided by Translator UK, a professional Maltese translation agency in London, UK.

Maltese Legal Translations

Maltese Legal Translations

A Maltese legal translation is the translation of any Maltese document arising from or to be used within the legal system of a country or any official entity such as contracts, certificates, court documents, title deeds, mortgage deeds, insurance policies etc. The list is endless. Usually for documents like these, you will need an official Maltese translation. The type of official translation will depend on the language pair involved and the country in which the translation is going to be used. This is because some countries have governing bodies regulating official translations i.e. a sworn translation system.

If the translation is going to be used in the UK, you will more often than not require a Maltese certified translation. This is basically signed and stamped by a qualified Maltese translator as a true and exact translation. The UK does not have any sworn translation system. On the other hand if the document is to be used in another country such as in Spain, where there is indeed a sworn translation system in place (governed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain), you will need atraduccion jurada of your document. The same goes for documents to be used in other European countries such as Italy, France, Austria, Germany etc. who all have a sworn translation system in place.

Legal translation from Maltese can also imply the translation of Maltese documents containing specialised legal terminology. This does not necessarily mean the translation must be official, just that the translator doing the work must be knowledgeable in law. In fact when it comes to legal translation, it is important that the translator is not only qualified in translation but also specialises in Maltese legal translation or holds some sort of qualification in law so that they understand completely the meaning of the source text. If the text is very specialised it is best if the translator is also a Maltese lawyer / solicitor as often only a law graduate will understand the complexities and peculiarities of Maltese legal documents.

When performing Maltese legalised translations, it is imperative that our Maltese translators be provided with a clear and high-quality scan of your document in order to ensure that the translation will be accurate. Furthermore, if there are any marks, stamps or markings of any kind on the reverse of the document, please include a scan of this within your email as well.

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Further information about the services provided by our Maltese translators can be found here: Maltese Translators

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Maltese Translation Languages

Below is a list of the most common Maltese translation languages that Translator UK, as a diverse translation agency, works with. If you require Maltese translation into or from a different language, we will most certainly be able to assist you. Please contact us and one of our translation services representatives will be glad to assist.

More about Maltese Legal Translation Services

To get in touch with one of our project managers and discuss your Maltese legal translation requirements, please call, email or use our contact form.

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Maltese Legal Translation Services - Further Information
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