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Information about certificate translations from or into Kazakh provided by Translator UK, an official Kazakh translation agency in London, UK.

Kazakh Certificate Translations

Kazakh Certificate Translations

Kazakh certificate translation services are offered by Translator UK covering a wide range of certificate types used for a variety of purposes. Below are only a few of the Kazakh certificates that we have translated over the years.

Kazakh Birth Certificate Translation

Individual clients often require to have their birth certificates translated from Kazakh into English prior to applying for immigration to the UK, before getting married, for applying for any type of license or official document such as a passport. In these cases, a Kazakh certified translation would be required.

Kazakh Marriage Certificate Translation

When Kazakh individuals are coming to the UK to live permanently, they are often required to prove their marital status as part of the process. An official (certified) translation of their Kazakh marriage certificate is how they can do this. Also a requirement in processing a divorce, ironically, an official translation of the marriage certificate is also required. Note that in both of these cases, a standard Kazakh to English translation will most likely not suffice.

Kazakh Death Certificate Translation

Prior to the execution of a will in the UK, there are several types of documents that must be provided as part of the process. In the event that the death has occurred outside of the UK, in a Kazakh-speaking country, an official translation of the Kazakh death certificate must be provisioned.

Kazakh Police Certificate Translation

When a person is immigrating to the UK, and often when a person is applying for any kind of job that requires security clearance, they are often requested to supply an officially translated copy of their Kazakh police certificate (or Kazakh police report).

Kazakh Medical Certificate Translation

When a person has received medical care and/or medical clearance in a country other than the UK and they are looking to obtain insurance, or if the person has recently graduated medical school in another country, they will be requested to provide a translated copy of their Kazakh medical certificate.

Kazakh Academic Certificates

There are many different types of academic certificates in Kazakh that our clients require to be translated into English on a regular basis. From Diplomas and Degrees, to certificates of honorary achievement. In many cases, official translations from Kazakh to English of these academic certificates are required to validate the scholastic achievements in another country. More often than not, a certified translation is required.

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